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Walk the Talk on a Journey to Trust

Resiliency challenge #6:AMP UP your movement!

"Speed Dating" to Build Relationships at Work

Do. One. Thing. (to elevate your leadership!)

Getting an ROI on Leadership Development

Employees come first.Customers come second.

This Is How We Lead Around Here!

Resiliency Challenge #5: Upgrade your Sleep

Spring Clean Your Work House

Say THIS not THAT!

Don't Turn Your Back On Conflict & Incivility

Breathwork and how it can reduce stress.

The Blame Game-BANISH it from your workplace!

Is Sea Salt better then table salt?

Succeed with Change: "Grab the Baton"

Resiliency Challenge #4: Learned Optimism

Are you sitting more than moving?

Turn Work Off

Foam roll away that bloat!

Listening: More than a "soft" skill

Earthing / Grounding. What exactly is that?

Empower Others to Make Decisions

Are you hooked on sugar? 5 clues you might be addicted to sugar

Resiliency Challenge #3: A Practice of Mindfulness and Awe

Beyond Your Words

Collagen. What our Grandmothers knew!

Make TRUST a verb in your workplace.

What is all the fuss about Bone Broth?

Changing How We Change: Dysfunction at the Top

Is a move in your future?

Changing How we Change: Put down the Baggage!

Psoas who? Hip what? Why they are so important

Resiliency Challenge for Leaders #2: Relationships

Patients. Not-So-Secret Shoppers.

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease Is Easier Than You Think

Changing How We Change: Elevating Behaviors, Performance, & Contributions

H2O and the impact on your heart.

Changing How We Change: Diffusion of Innovation

13 Things you should give up if you want to be successful

Changing How We Change: Transferring Changes Into Operations

New neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happy.

Changing How We Change: The Whirlwind

How to Dry Brush—and Why It’s So Potent

Kick Burnout in the Butt!The 2018 Resiliency Challenge for Leaders

Employee Suggestion Improves End of Life Care

The Top 5 Leadership Blogs of 2017

Are you the late one to the party?

Incivility: What Companies, Leaders, & Employees Can Do about Behavior (Part 5 of 5)

Soothe Your Inner Wolf

Incivility: What Companies, Leaders, & Employees Can Do about Behavior (Part 4 of 5)

Strengthening Physician Relationships: Feeling The Burn

Challenge 12: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Fight the holiday whirlwind! Focus on YOU.

Patient Engagement & The Power of the Nursing Bundle

The Talk

Incivility: What Companies, Leaders, & Employees Can Do about Behavior (Part 3 of 5)

Concept of the "Weekend" is dying

Incivility: What Companies, Leaders, & Employees Can Do about Behavior (Part 2 of 5)

Physician Relationships: Tackling the Titans

Cold Weather Running

Incivility: What Companies, Leaders, & Employees Can Do about Behavior (Part 1 of 5)

Physician Relationships: Docs are people too!

Part 2 Detox or Not?

Challenge 11: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Happier Human: Start Today

Get The Party Started

Physician Relationship Strengthening Series: What Chain of Command?

Get 'er Done: The "One Thing" Approach

Physician Relationship Strengthening Series-Behaviors Matter!

Pesky Mosquitoes

One Employee Can Enhance or Diminish the Experience

To Detox or Not?

Coaching Civility In A World That Seems To Have Forgotten It

The little green machine.

Challenge 10: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Resiliency: Discovering The Power Within

A Road Map to Learn, Grow, Change, and Succeed Together

Making Patient engagement work for you

Strengthening Senior Leadership Teams (Part 5 of 5)

Culture Defined: Your inActions Matter.

Strengthening Senior Leadership Teams (Series 4 of 5)

Collaboration: The Undefined Work Environment

Challenge 9: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Make yourself whole again

Show Me the Money

Culture Defined: Fun @ Work!

Going Nuts!

Strengthening Senior Leadership Teams Series (3 of 5)

Culture Defined: Bad Bosses Be Gone!

Alkalize your body!

Strengthening Senior Leadership Teams Series (2 of 5)

Culture Defined: Who you Hire Matters

Is optimism over-rated?

Strengthening Senior Leadership Teams Series (1 of 5)

Challenge yourself! Elevate your communication.

Sunscreen or no sunscreen?

Challenge 8: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Mindfulness: A Hack for Life and Leadership

Storytelling Isn't Just for Kids


Plants that can help destress you. Find your inner gardener.

Behave Your Way to Greatness

The Power of Quiet

Should I be drinking warm or cold water?

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

The Secret Sauce

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think

Challenge 7: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Producing Awe In Your Daily Life

Keep Your Current Customers

Communication Breakdown: Therapeutic Speak In A New Age

Hiring? Consider "Culture Add" vs "Culture Fit"

Making Employee Vision A Reality

Work at the Top of Your Role

Dysfunctional Employee Teams. What's a leader to do?

It's that movement thing again.

Challenge 6: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Teams - Commit In Writing

Mindful and Happy

Checklists and Bundles, oh my!

HELP! I'm chained to my desk!

Change Reaction

The War On Drugs: Nursing Edition

What is your memory foam saying to you?

Metrics With Meaning

Generation Z: A Recruiting Revolution

Chlorine in our water? Troublesome?

Challenge 5: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Nurse's Week: Policy With Heart

Exercise in line with my age?


Mission Possible: Find Your Purpose

A Rhythm of Rounding

Climb On Board!

Fueling up for your next workout.

Managing Your Micro-Managing Boss (Part II of II)

A Leader's Apology

I'm Hungry, or am I?

Your Move: Managing Your Micro-Managing Boss (Part I of II)

Work Interrupted

I love Hiking, here's why.

Challenge 4: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Dear Stress, Let's Vacation!

"Top of Mind" Tactics

What's Up, Doc?

Stress, Im just not into you.

"Where I used to work...."

One Is Not None

The great salt debate

Lunch Conversation Gone Wrong

Kill The beast!

Is your physical inactivity hurting your pocketbook too?

Challenge 3: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Are your feet healthy?

Put Down the Fork! Mindful Eating.

motivate your team with "Why (K)Not?"

More than PINK!  Women unite for Lung Cancer cure!

Who to Hire? Let the Employees Decide.

Driving Employee Engagement

Clutter is a bummer- literally!

You are a walking, talking billboard of your profession

The Age of Mass Distraction

Life , Friendships & Exercise

Challenge 2: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

The Great Millenial Merger

Turn over a new Leaf. The power of your greens

Light The Fire! Fostering Employee Dreams

Pediatrics and a "Prescription" to Read

Laughter:  A New Work Requirement

Delegation and the Road to Peace

Copper Bowls and Sea Salt  Pedicures?

Women March in January

Old Enough To Be Your Problem Child!

Surviving Winter

A Tactic for Training Take-Aways

The Annual Clean Slate

Alkaline water- Life Saver?

Challenge 1: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

Put yourSELF first in 2017!

Customer Appreciation With a Twist (& a Pop)

Can Leaders cause Joy?

Positive Change: The 2017 Leadership Challenge

A Christmas Story

A Better Accountability Question to Ask

The Pursuit of Excellence leads to JOY

Do Your Big Goals Have Big Plans?

Fight the Holiday Whirlwind!

In the Desert, Recognition is in Full Bloom

Is there Joy in your workplace?

A Thank You -- It's Better Late Than Never

What if you woke up today with only those things you were thankful for yesterday?

Should We Compliment Only For "Above & Beyond"?

Fear of Change: The New Boss

I Don't Wanna Go To Work

Chipping Away, One Hack at a Time

Dream Teams and Hiring Right

A Great Gratefulness Effort: An Idea to Copy

Change everything with Gratitude

The Servant Leadership trait no one told you about

Step Forward Into Growth

Inspiring Positive Change

Mediocrity can be replaced by greatness!

We write, teach, and coach to inspire positive, proactive, results-oriented leadership. While we have a passion for (and lots of experience with!) healthcare organizations, most topics we write about can be helpful to any individual, team, or organization that is striving for greatness. Cheers! Jane & Sue

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