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Are the weeds in your work environment choking out the healthy employees?

Posted by Jane McLeod on Oct 29, 2015 11:00:00 AM

 I was reflecting on work environments as I was struggling and yanking and pulling weeds out of my flower garden recently. Thinking “Where do they come from? “ “How do they pop up all of a sudden when I am not looking?”  And WHY are they bigger than my beautiful nursery perennials???

Consider how weeds work ….. They spend most of their time spreading under the surface of your garden. They spread through a network of roots that build strength below the surface just before bursting through your careful prepared soil and growing out of control.

The same can be said of passively dis-engaged employees. In front of you, or others leaders, they may appear to be the perfect nurse or technician. However , they are building strength by planting a seed of doubt in your employee minds.  " Why did she leave early today? Must be nice to make your own hours". " Why do we have to chart like this? Doesn't he know that we have enough to do without ll of his new rules?" 

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